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College of International Education
Guilin University of Technology
  12 Jian'gan Road

  Guilin, Guangxi, P.R. China 541004

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College of International Education
Chinese Training Centre

      Congratulations on choosing one of the most dynamic, innovative colleges to undertake your programme of study.

     The College of International Education (CIE), founded in 2006, is an international student administrative organization of Guilin University of Technology , which integrates with international student education, administration and the academic research. since its establishment, CIE has enjoyed steady growth and has expanded considerably in both its teaching efforts for international students.

    Each section of CIE has its own distinctive responsibilities so as to provide better service in student enrolment and administration of Chinese Language Programmes, undergraduate programmes and postgraduate degree programmes, as well as offer a wide variety of services and facilities. We handle international student affairs, including recruitment, residence permit, reception and accommodation, medical care, etc.

    We have a qualified staff. Our dedicated teachers had been engaged in teaching international students long before CIE was founded, and our team is enriched in the teaching experiences which lead to profound teaching skills. CIE is delighted to be part of your learning experience and we are looking forward to working with you. We wish all the very best for your success.