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  ---- Chinese Language Courses ----
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Long-term Chinese Language Programmes

General description            Elementary             Intermediate            Advanced

Three Levels in Long-term Chinese Language Programmes

     The Programmes last from six months to three years. students are placed into classes of different levels according to their proficiency in Chinese upon enrollment. the classes are divided into three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced.

      The elementary level accepts international students with no foundation of Chinese language. it concentrates on teaching students basic Chinese knowledge and training their language skills.

      The intermediate level aims at those international students who have had above 600 level hours to study Chinese and have grasped over 2,000 vocabularies. it focuses on further developing students¡¯ reading and writing skills while enhancing their basic Chinese knowledge.

      The advanced level is for those international students who have had above 1,200 level hours to study Chinese and have grasped over 3,500 words. its emphasis is on training students¡¯ overall Chinese language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and helping students gain an insight into Chinese culture and society.

Educational objective:

      (a) Elementary level:

      The students shall have language communication abilities for daily life and make basis for future studies. The students shall have the ability to apply modern Chinese in real use and have comprehensive abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The students are required to grasp approximately 3,000 words, 800 everyday expressions and basic grammar in common use every academic year.

      (b) Intermediate level:

      To further the students' understanding towards Chinese, to improve their real ability of language communication, and to help them make foundations for studies in advanced phases. To foster the students to have a better understandings towards Chinese culture. To require the students to grasp 5,000 words, 2,200 everyday expressions, and basic grammar on what has already been achieved.

     (c) Advanced level:

      After 1 year of study, the students shall be able to skillfully use Chinese in their own specialized field and make a sound foundation for further studies. The students shall be able to understand the social life, politics, economy, local conditions and traditional customs of China on a broader background. The students can grasp over 7,000 words and approximately 4,000 Chinese characters in common use.

     In general, after one to two years' training in these language Programmes, the students would be enabled to attend the classes instructed in normal speed Chinese for the native Chinese students. The students whose Chinese proficiency meet the HSK test requirement (HSK band 3 for natural science students and HSK band 6 for liberal arts students and HSK band 6 for prosgraduate studies) and other related conditions can be recommended by the College of International Education to conduct undergraduate study in other colleges or departments of Guilin University of Technology.


General Chinese (basic/intermediate/advanced)

Long-term: 1 semester or 1 academic year (start date: March or September)

     Each academic year has two semesters. applicants can choose an appropriate level of course according to their Chinese language proficiency. mid-term intake is allowed.

 Courses Description:


Learning Outcome


Main Courses


Students are expected to grasp basic phones and tones, and use 3,000 words and 1,600 Chinese characters. at the end of the course, students should have a basic command in listening, speaking, reading, and writing which meets the needs of daily living and study.

1 year

Elementary integrated Chinese

Elementary Chinese speaking

Elementary Chinese listening

Elementary Chinese reading


Students will be able to use 5,000words and 2,200 Chinese characters. at the end of the course students should have a good command in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and can deal with undergraduate study in China.

1 year

Intermediate Integrated Chinese

Intermediate Chinese Listening

Intermediate Chinese Speaking

Intermediate Chinese Reading

Intermediate Chinese Writing

Elective Courses


Students will be able to use 7,000 words and 4,000 Chinese characters. students should be able to listen to Chinese programs on the radio, read Chinese newspapers, and deal with postgraduate study in China. The language skills will equip students with the ability to get better involved in various social, life, and work fields, such as tourism and business.

1 year

Advanced Integrated Chinese

Advanced Chinese Conversation

Advanced Chinese Listening

Advanced Chinese Newspaper Reading

Communicating in Chinese

Elective courses


Academic Year:

First semester: March --- July

Second semester: September --- January

Application time:

Spring semester: Before January 15th

Autumn semester: Before July 15th

For more information about Application Procedure please see the Admission page >>>

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