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  ---- Chinese Language Courses ----
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Long-term Chinese language Programmes

General Description            Elementary             Intermediate            Advanced


Elementary Chinese Level




Chinese language Beginners

Elementary Integrated Chinese

Elementary Chinese Speaking

Elementary Chinese Listening

Elementary Chinese Reading

Chinese language textbooks I (A, B), II (A)

Talking with pictures A, B

Chinese listening I, II,

Chinese reading I

Academic year:

First Semester: March --- July

Second Semester: September --- January

Application Time:

Spring semester: Before January 15th

Autumn semester: Before July 15th

For more information about Application Procedure please see the Admission page >>>


Courses Description

Elementary Integrated Chinese

Goal of teaching: to enable the students to learn some knowledge about Chinese phonetics, grammar and vocabulary, to have the elementary ability to listen, speak, read and write in Chinese for daily communication, and by the end of this study period to meet the one-year requirements as set in the ^outline Chinese proficiency grading ̄ and lay the foundation for them to enter into their special area of study.   

Textbook: Chinese language course I, II

Form of Teaching: small class-size, teaching modern Chinese pronunciation, basic grammar and commonly used vocabulary, combining teaching and practice.

Elementary Chinese Speaking

Goal of teaching: to enable the students to learn linguistic and communicative abilities in oral communication. also to meet the needs of communication in daily life, study and social intercourse.   

Textbook: talk with pictures A, B

Form of Teaching: small class-size, taking forms of "address, greeting, Programmes, request, agreement, disagreement, opposition, appreciation" as the main content of class teaching, featuring the students¨ speaking practice, giving priority to practical communication.

Elementary Chinese Listening

Goal of teaching: to develop the students listening comprehension in verbal communication, which includes such micro-skills as differentiating sounds and tones, asking for information, associating and guessing, overcoming language barriers, understanding language situations, making prompt responses, and making summaries.   

Textbook: Chinese listening course I, II, III

Form of teaching: small class-size, conducting selective and step-by-step listening drills, repeated practice by combining listening and speaking with listening as the main form of practice.

Elementary Chinese Reading

Goal of teaching: taking into consideration the new words and grammatical items taught in the integrated Chinese class, to let the students perceive and understand Chinese characters, words and expressions, paragraphs and passages contained in the written materials and learn about the rules and methods to obtain information from written materials, to help them consolidate what they have learned before, expand the volume of their vocabulary, and develop their interest in reading Chinese, thus to improve their reading skills and reading comprehension. finally, for them to acquire the ability to read Chinese correctly and perfectly.   

Textbook: Chinese reading course (first year I)   

Teaching Strategies: small class-size, starting with developing students' reading skills, to gradually improve their cognitive ability of learning Chinese characters and Chinese words, to enlarge their vocabulary, and to improve their reading comprehension by enormous and repeated reading practice.

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