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Long-term Chinese language Programmes

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Intermediate Chinese Level




Those who have passed the elementary level (first year), having a good grasp of pronunciation, basic grammar and sentence patters, about 1200 Chinese characters, about 2500 words and expressions, and having the basic competence of the Chinese language through series of basic training in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Intermediate Integrated Chinese

Intermediate Chinese Listening

Intermediate Chinese Speaking

Intermediate Chinese Reading

Elective Courses

First semester:

The Bridge-Practical Intermediate Chinese Textbook (a)

Chinese reading series

Elective courses

Intermediate integrated Chinese

Intermediate Chinese listening

Intermediate Chinese speaking

Intermediate Chinese writing

Elective courses

Second semester:

The Bridge-Practical Intermediate Chinese Textbook (b)

Chinese writing Textbook

Elective courses












Academic year:

First semester: March --- July

Second semester: September --- January

Application time:

Spring semester: Before January 15th

Autumn semester: Before July 15th 

For more information about Application Procedure please see the Admission page >>>

courses description

Intermediate Integrated Chinese

Goal of teaching: To further enlarge the students¨ vocabulary from 2,500 to 4,500 words, to consolidate, expand and deepen their understanding of grammatical items, to gradually raise their ability to read Chinese, and to enable them to express themselves correctly and fluently on a certain topic, both oral and written, by using the words and expressions, grammatical structures and sentence patterns they have learned.

Textbook: the bridge practical intermediate Chinese by Chen Zhuo

Teaching Strategies: small class-size, integrated drills, providing more time for students to practice the essential, as provided by the teachers.

Intermediate Chinese listening

Goal of teaching: to enable the students to understand normal-speed listening materials, which are coherent and familiar to them in contents in order to prepare them to attend normal classes at the various departments

Textbook: Chinese listening Textbook by zhao jing

Teaching Strategies: small class-size, giving priority to listening and speaking in the whole teaching process for the purpose of communication.

intermediate Chinese reading

Goal of Teaching: to help the students to enrich their vocabulary and to improve their Chinese reading comprehension, to raise their ability in fast reading, summing-up and analogy, and to get them used to solving problems in HSK.

Textbook: Chinese reading series by shen lan

Teaching Strategies: Small class-size, taking practice and communication as the main principles, taking the training of reading skill as the main point of reference, and attaching importance to the essential features of reading.

Intermediate Chinese writing

Goal of Teaching: To review, consolidate and apply the Chinese characters, words and expressions and grammar the students have learned, to enable them to have a good grasp of stylistic features of practical writings such as narration, exposition, and argumentation, and of the method and skill of writing, to learn and use correctly Chinese punctuations and writing format, and to develop their ability to express themselves in written Chinese.
Textbook: Chinese writing
Teaching Strategies: Small class-size, integrating of explanation by the teacher and writing practice by the students, evaluating students¨ work by the teacher, by each student individually, and by cross-evaluating among the students.

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