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Beginners¡¯ Short-term Chinese Language Programme in 2009

      China is an oriental nation with a long history of civilization. If you are interested in learning the Chinese language, knowing about China's politics, economy and ancient civilization, and visiting places of historical interest and scenic attractions, just join in our short-term programme in Chinese language and culture. In the course of the programme, you can study Chinese, attend series of lectures on Chinese culture such as Chinese history, culture, economy, education, arts, etc., In the meanwhile you can visit some historical relics and scenic attractions, factories, countryside, local families, and talk with Chinese students. As Guilin is a city world-renowned for its unique beauty of mountains and rivers, the college can also help you with your tour in Guilin and its vicinity. Anyway, our Chinese language-culture programmes organized during the summer or winter break will make your vacation a pleasant, meaningful and unforgettable one.

>> Duration: 8 weeks

>> Start time:

     1. April 9th 2009 to early June 2009;

     2. October 15th 2009 to early December 2009

>> Suitable applicants: Chinese language beginners

>> Curriculum:

Morning: mainly Chinese reading and writing as well as listening and oral Chinese .

Afternoon: mainly culture courses like music, calligraphy, painting, Chinese martial arts and lectures on Chinese history, culture and economic.

>> Language practice: Visits to some scenic spots in Guilin, city markets, factories, middle schools, visiting local Chinese families, hospitals, kindergartens and so on. Language practice is usually held on Wednesday afternoons or Saturdays.

>> Trips: Self-paid trips to Yang Shuo, Long Shen, Xin An, etc. can be arranged if more than 15 students are willing to go. Tour in Guilin can be self-arranged by students.

>> Certificates: College of International Education (CIE) will issue certificates for completion of study indicating the study periods.

>>Application deadline:

    1.Before March 9th 2009 for the spring semester; or

    2.Before September 15th 2009 for the fall semester.

>>Way of application: You can download the application form on our Website, complete it and E-mail it to us (cie@glut.edu.cn).

>>Visa: ¡ñPlease apply for a "F" visa (visitor¡¯s visa) valid for over 90 days by going to the Chinese embassy in your country with the Admission notice and visa application form (JW202) from us.

  ¡ñIf you apply after March 9th (or September 15th ) or receive no Admission Notice and JW202 form from us, please contact CIE for permission, and then apply for a tourist visa valid for over 30 days.

  ¡ñThose who are already in Guilin and have the residence permit or visa valid for more than 60 days can apply before the class begins.

>> Fees:

1. Tuition: 4,500 CNY / person

2. Registration fee: 350 CNY / person

3. Textbooks, visa, resident permit and other fees will be covered by students themselves.