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Chinese Cultural Tour

  To provide a good opportunity for groups of international students and visitors to promote their understanding of Chinese language & culture, Chinese history, education in China, scenic attractions and historical relics in Guilin and to experience the on-going reforms and great changes in China.

I. Objectives

     1. At the end of the designed programme with a mandarin language curriculum of 10-16 class hours per week, learners of elementary level, intermediate level and advanced level are expected respectively to learn by heart 50-100 characters each week and be able to

    (1) Communicate in Chinese with simple and brief, fairly fluent, and sort of sophisticated Chinese expressions accordingly;

    (2) Understand simple, special, and standard basic daily conversations in Chinese accordingly;

    (3) Grasp basic Chinese character structural formation and stroke orders;

    (4) Grasp basic Chinese pronunciation and grammar, sound right and use grammar in an acceptable way;

     2. At the end of the component of 4-6 class hours per week of cultural lecture series, visits and field trips, participants are expected to :

    (1) Have a brief understanding of Chinese history and civilization;

    (2) Have a general impression of Chinese society and experience the Chinese way of life;

    (3) Learn basic theories and skills of Chinese painting and calligraphy;

    (4) Learn about Chinese folk art and folklore;

    (5) Have a general knowledge of the Chinese culture, minority ethnic mores in Guangxi, and the historical relics and scenic attractions in Guilin.

II. Curricula

  i) Language courses

   1. Chinese reading

   2. Chinese listening and speaking

   3. Chinese video show

  ii) Cultural activities and lectures

   1.Chinese painting and calligraphy

   2.Chinese Wushu (Taiji and shadow boxing included)

   3.Traditional/folk health care in China (Qigong, medicated food, massage and acupuncture)

   4.Chinese folk music (Erhu, Pipa, Guzheng, etc.)

   5.Chinese handiwork

   6.Chinese chess

   7.Minority ethnic groups in Guangxi

   8.Historical relics and scenic attractions in Guilin: aesthetic appreciation

   9.Guilin and its historical relics

   10.Chinese tourism

   11.Women and family in China

   12.Education in China: past and present

   13.Chinese cooking and tea culture

    Note: arrangements beyond the above-mentioned themes and activities can be made as needed.

III. Extra-curricular activities

   1. Visits (to kindergartens, high schools, families, hospitals, markets)

   2. Tours and field trips to ethnic minority areas, historical relics and cultural/scenic attractions around Guilin;

   3. Recreational and sports activities with Chinese students, and people in the communities;

   4. Internships and social work.

IV. Costs quotations are made in accordance with the type of programme, varieties of activities and number of people in a group as scheduled.


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