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College of International Education
Guilin University of Technology
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Accommodation on Campus

For Year 2014

1. Living Accommodation

  1) Living on campus:

GUT provides living accommodation for international students. An application form for on-campus accommodation shall be submitted along with the application form for Admission if on-campus living accommodation is needed.

  2) Living off campus:

In accordance with the relevant rules and Regulations of the Chinese government, international students are allowed to rent legal housing off campus. Renting illegal housing is not protected by the law. Register at the police station where the living place belongs within 24 hours after entering China, if living off campus.

2. Fees of living on campus:

>> Apartments for international students (6 CNY 「 1 USD )


1 Semester

2 Semesters

Single Room* 4,500 CNY 9,000 CNY

2-bed Room*

3,000 CNY 5,000 CNY

3-bed Room*

2,000 CNY 3,400 CNY
4-bed Room* 1,500 CNY 2,500 CNY
All rooms are equipped with: air-conditioner, hot water shower, bedding, wardrobe, internet access, separate bathroom, desks and chairs. 

 *Bills for electricity and water is exclusive..

>> Ordinary Students¨ Dormitory (for Bachelor's Degree students only)

Room Type



Non air-conditioned

2,500* CNY / Academic year / person

All rooms are equipped with: separate bathroom, desks, telephone, and hot water service. 4-5 students share a room.

    *Bills for electricity and water is exclusive.

3. Food

    There are two big dining halls and several restaurants on campus supplying regular meals for students. Each meal costs approximately 10-20 CNY (for reference only).

4.Medical care

    International students can see the doctor at the School Hospital or other hospitals in the city at their own expenses except Chinese government¨s scholarship recipients.

5.Telephone Service

    International students rooms are equipped with telephone by using a 201 card.  An IP card is available to make international calls. You can also make collect calls for domestic and international call.


    International students can apply for a library card with their student card and make good use of the books and facilities of the campus library which has collection of books in both Chinese language and foreign languages.


   There is a big supermarket and some small shops on campus. Articles of everyday use and a big variety of food are available there. There are also some small supermarkets and shops next to the university entrance gate.


   There is one ATM (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) on campus. A 24-hour self-service bank is on the right of the entrance gate. Foreign currencies in cash or traveler¨s checks may be changed into Chinese Yuan (CNY) at the bank of China which is opposite to GUT school Gate. (see the map of GUT neighborhood).


    There are three bus routes:No.10, No. 21 and No. 204 located at the gates of GUT, which may take you to downtown Guilin. The most convenient way to travel is to ride bicycles. Taxis are cheap and convenient. (more bus routes, please see bus routes in Chinese).

10.How to get to GUT

  1) From LiangJiang International Airport:

    It costs 20 CNY by bus from the airport to the bus terminal downtown, where you can connect to the University by taxi with with the cost around 20 CNY.

    Taxi from the airport directly to the university is around 40-50 mins and it costs about 200 CNY.

  2) Guilin Railway Station (South Terminal):

    You may take  bus No.10, No. 21 at the opposite of the railway station and get off at the Gong Xue Yuan stop. (see the location of GUT)


     Humid subtropical weather with pretty sunshine. Four seasons are obvious. Warm to hot and humid in Spring and Summer, sunny but dry in autumn and cool to cold in Winter. It seldom snows.