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GUT Changes its Chinese Name

June 21, 2009

On 21 June 2009, GUT holds a big ceremony for its successful Chinese Name changing  from Guilin Gong Xue Yuan (桂林工学院) to Guilin Li Gong Da Xue (桂林理工大学). The governors of Guangxi Province and Guilin city, the administrators from Ministry of Education of China and the leaders, teachers, students, and alumni of GUT totally around 10,000 people are at presence.

The University leaders express at the ceremony that "Through our research and consultation exercise, we have confirmed that by using the stronger title of Guilin Li Gong Da Xue, we will have a more recognizable and powerful name that will give us a much stronger identity in the market place. We believe that we will all benefit if the University is more easily recognized for its achievements by using a stronger name".

"This is a name that clearly identifies both our status and location in Guilin and also chimes well with our mission to be a centre of excellence in learning, creativity and enterprise, promoting economic, social and cultural well being".

"Importantly, we believe that we will all benefit – including past, current and new students – by adopting a title that ensures the University and its achievements are more widely and easily recognized".

"It will obviously take a while for our new name and new identity to be applied across all areas but we are sure that it will soon become familiar and a welcome asset to the University’s image".



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