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   Final Exams Schedule
July 7, 2009

以下为2008—2009年第 二学期(2009年3月-7月)期末安排, 请注意自己的考试时间并按时参加考试。如有疑问或问题请咨询国际教育学院办公室或致电5895613,也可发电子邮件询问 谢谢!

The Notice below is for the final tests of the Second semester between Year 2008 to Year 2009 (March to July 2009). Please note to check the schedule carefully and take the exams on time. Any questions or problems please consult CIE Office or dial 5895613 as well email to: for more information. Thanks!

1. 本学期定于7月13日、14日、15日和16日(四天)进行期末考试,请各位同学根据任课教师的安排参加考试。

2. 请每位同学于7月9日(星期四)下午16:30准时到体育馆门口,参加留学生期末全体合影,每位参加合影的同学都会在7月13日上午(星期一)得到一张全体留学生的合影照片。

3. 本学期7月17日(星期五)上午10:00以后请各位同学到国际教育学院办公室来领取学习成绩单和学习证书,同时办理假期离校手续。下学期不在我校继续学习的同学,请交回学生证,退取书费或住宿押金,并办理离校手续。

4.  7月18日(星期六)暑假开始。暑假期间留校的学生或计划出游的同学请到国际教育学院办公室进行登记。

5. 下学期返校学生的报到时间定为9月3日、4日两天(星期四和星期五),报到时请带上学生证,同时领取课程表及相关资料。9月7日正式上课,无故迟到一周未报到或上课者,将被视为自动放弃入学资格。下学期的学费、住宿费等相关费用必须于9月12日以前缴纳,否则将被取消学习资格。

1. The final exams will be arranged on July 13th, 14 th. 15 th and 16 th (total four days), please follow the instructions of your course teachers to have the exams on time.

2. We are going to take a Group Photo with teachers and all international students at 16:30 on July 9th (Thursday) at the Front Gate of the Auditorium. All students are suggested to attend this important activity, and each student may collect the photo on July 13th (Monday). May you get there on time! 

3. On July 17th (Friday) after 10 am, students who finished their courses this semester are required to come to the CIE Office for the course transcripts and Learning Certificates, and at the same time to submit the school-leaving procedure. Those who will not study at our school from next semester, please return the Student ID, get the refund of textbooks or accommodation and submit the leaving documents at the same day. 

4. Summer vacation begins from July 18th (Saturday), students who plan to stay on campus or just going travel during the vacation, please come to the CIE Office for registration on July 17th. 

5. The registration dates of next semester for returning students will be arranged on September 3rd   and 4th (Thursday and Friday), please remember to bring the Students ID to the CIE Office for registration and to get the class information. All classes will be started from September 7th (Monday), late comers for one week or more will not be accepted. Please also notice that the fees for courses, accommodation etc.. should be made before September 12th.


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