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 Registration Information for the March 2010
Feb 23, 2010


1. The registration date is from Feb 27 to 28 (total two days). Please bring along your Admission Notice, original passport and six photos for registration and collect the classes schedules and the textbooks. Please note the office hours below: 08:00-12:00 in the morning and 14:30-17:30 in the afternoon.

2. Fill out the “International Students Information of Guilin University of Technology” and return it to the office.

3. Make the payment of the school fees while at the registration.

4.  All classes will begin from March 1 (Monday).

5.  On March 5, at 08:00am all new comers should gather at the International Apartment for going to have the health check together.


1.  我校外国留学生的报名时间为2010227-28号,请持“录取通知书”、护照原件和六张照片进行登记注册 ,同时领取上课的课表和教材。办公室的工作时间为:早上08:00-12:00 下午为:14:30-17:30.

2.  请认真填写“桂林理工大学外国留学生信息登记表”。

3.  请在报名期限内支付学习费用。

4.  31日(星期一)所有课程开课。

5.  35日上午08:00所有新生在留学生宿舍门口集合,一起前往医院进行体检。



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